From beyond the confines of our area we take new experiences that blend tradition and experimentation.

Our cuisine is based in the local tradition and ingredients typical of the Valtellina, but with a global influence that combines Italian taste with techniques and preparations borrowed from other gastronomic cultures. The resulting style leaves nothing to chance: each flavor is expertly balanced.

Our ingredients, chosen every day from fresh, seasonal produce at the market, determine a constantly changing menu, offering new discoveries with every morsel.

This is how our ongoing research leads to the creation of unique, precisely planned dishes.

The made-to-order experience is created by the executive chef, Stefano Masanti, and is the fruit of his many international forays and collaborations. A food writer who is the ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world, he returns to Madesimo with a vision of cosmopolitan cuisine that is nevertheless deeply rooted in its mountain origins.